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And we know this for sure: You can't do it all.  After experiencing what it's like to run photography businesses while wrangling little ones (and living on fumes), we knew there had to be a better way. That's when Harbor Creative Co. was born...

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing for Photographers

We're co-founders of Harbor Creative Co., photographers, and Mamas of two littles each.  We share a love for coffee, yoga pants, and empowering women to run thriving portrait photography businesses without the overwhelm.

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Even if you’re new to the photography industry, we’re willing to bet you’ve realized pretty quickly that owning your own business isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows.

You’ve likely come to realize that very little of your photography business is actually taking photos.

Keeping up with the behind-the-scenes of a luxury motherhood and newborn photography business is A LOT. Especially with little ones home more than usual and a worldwide pandemic. We’d be willing to bet this year has been a little tiring for you.

But you keep on doing it all because that’s what we as Moms and business owners do.

Look, we get it. Your business is your baby. Most of us entrepreneurs are Type A, go-getters.

You have a very clear vision for your business and know you can execute it on your own.

But at what cost?

It’s hard to give up control of aspects of your business because sure, you can do it. But did you start your own business to be a slave to it?

There are certain aspects of running a luxury motherhood and newborn photography business that all of us dread. Those pain points, my friend, are the tasks you should be outsourcing in your business.

Recognize the parts of your business that bring you the least joy- you know, the ones that you’re always skipping on your to-do list and putting off for tomorrow.

When it comes to outsourcing for your business, it comes down to time.

Reasons to hire a virtual assistant and outsource your business | Harbor Creative Co.

Time is money.

Let’s estimate that blogging one client session takes you approximately one hour, from start to finish. Add a few more hours on top of that just to respond to emails, clean up your inbox, place client orders and post to Instagram.

That’s maybe five hours total so far? While those tasks aren’t terribly difficult, you may not be as efficient at completing them as someone else. Instead of working for those five hours on parts of your business that clients rarely even see, what if you outsource them?

We’re obviously big proponents of outsourcing for photographers, and here’s why.

01 – Do more of what brings you joy

When you free up hours of your week, you’re able to reinvest that into your business, your clients, or your own family and self-care.

Spend less time on social media, take a well-deserved day off, or put your phone down around the kids. How would you spend an extra 5-10 hours a week?

02 – Improve SEO and find your ideal client

Google loves consistency. When you blog regularly each week, your Google Search ranking will go up and stay up. This in turn puts your business front and center on page 1 when someone is looking for a photographer.

03- Grow with confidence

Have you been wanting to try shooting film? Learn how to add video to your session deliverables? Having time to learn new skills and add value to your business is difficult on limited time. We are your biggest cheerleaders so you will always find a supportive environment with us.

04 – Consistency and Accountability

Providing a high-end experience to your clients makes the process consistent for them- which in turn can mean happier clients, more booked sessions and referrals. There is also consistency for you when it comes to outsourcing. Ensuring that emails don’t slip through the cracks and workflow tasks don’t go unnoticed provides confidence in what you provide to your clients.

05 – Increase in Profit

When you free up more time by giving up the business tasks that you don’t enjoy or aren’t efficient in, you can focus your efforts on what moves the needle. You can simply fill that time with more sessions. Or use it to create a better experience for clients who will in turn purchase more products, refer you more often, and come back for session after session.

If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing for photographers, reach out here. We’d love to chat!

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Photography Business. Post by Virtual Assistants at Harbor Creative Co.


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