Virtual Assistant Studio for the Busy Newborn + Family Photographer

charleston, SC

We know what it's like to have a vision for a full-service, connection-based photography business...and limited time to make it happen. As mothers and photographers, our mission is to help you have it all. The business. The clients. And the time with your babies (because we all know it's fleeting).

We're Virtual Assistants For Motherhood & Newborn Photographers

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And we know that you do, too.  As a Motherhood & Newborn Photographer, your heart beats for showing your clients how loved and beautiful they really are. Yet, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks and to-dos of growing a high-end photography business. You're frustrated by the constant pressure on your shoulders. Feeling guilty for working in front of the kids. And wondering if balance is even possible (maybe you're just destined to feel this way forever). 

You know that saying, "My clients get the best of me while my family get's the rest?" We hate that.

Mama, let us help you.  with Harbor Creative co, you can finally give your best to your own family while still providing your clients with aN experience they can't stop talking about. 

Our mission is to empower mamas and photographers to run thriving businesses...without feeling stretched-too-thin and overwhelmed.  We provide relief, consistency, and growth through virtual assistant services, content creation, and strategy. 


"I looked high and low for someone I felt confident in. HCC is just like us (photographers) and knows what it's like to be in our shoes. You literally can't find anyone better to take the stress away!"

— aimee

Military wife, mama to 2, Enneagram 1, and former photographer turned VA. Six years ago I discovered my love for serving mamas & documenting memories after grieving our first miscarriage. I needed to celebrate life in that season and in photography I found my passion.  Today that desire to serve mama's has not changed- my role has just shifted from being the photographer to serving photographers.

I believe that it's possible to have a stable business that still allows you to be available and present to your family. So many mamas want to fulfill their creative desires but get overwhelmed by "doing it all". I love Harbor Creative Co. because we show you that you don't have to give up your dreams to be the mama you want to be. 

Laura Ryan 


Early mornings. Boundaries. Sweet tea. Athleisure. Podcasts. Cleaning. Running in the rain. Trying new recipes.

Shopping. Trying to do it all. Comparison. My baby turning one. 

CO-FOUNDEr, Virtual Assistant

THINGS I Could Do Without:

Wife, mama to 2, Enneagram 6, photographer, and VA. Little did I know that not only would motherhood change my world, it would also lead me to quit my fast-paced corporate job to trade politics for my camera. Today I'm able to use my experience as a photographer as well as my passion for communication, content, and social media to help mamas in a newfound capacity.

I believe that you don't have to be busy all the time to experience business success.  As creatives and high-achievers, we can often sacrifice taking care of ourselves or spending time with our families in order to "make it". I love Harbor Creative Co. because we take things off your plate so you can truly slow down and savor the moments you might otherwise miss. 

Caitlyn Motycka


Coffee. Being a soccer mom (minus the van). Exploring Charleston. Sunset at the beach. Photographing mamas with their babies.

Potty training. Cleaning my house. Living so fast-paced that I don't slow down to enjoy the little things. 

CO-FOUNDEr, Virtual Assistant

THINGS i could do without: 

After coffee-fueled conversations at local cafés, a shared love for all things motherhood & creativity, and the realization that there was a real need for VA's in our industry...Harbor Creative Co. was born. 

We believe that our work has the ability to change the lives of our clients. As the first Virtual Assistant Studio for Motherhood & Newborn Photographers, we would love to walk alongside you so you can have the business (and ultimately, life) you've been dreaming of.  Mama, you don't have to do it all to have it all.

We connected in a photography group, realized we lived 5 minutes apart, and became instant friends.


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Running a Luxury Motherhood & Newborn Photography Studio Isn't a One Person Job

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We can help you gain back time, create a streamlined client experience, develop consistent content, and ultimately...free you up to focus on what you love doing.