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And we know this for sure: You can't do it all.  After experiencing what it's like to run photography businesses while wrangling little ones (and living on fumes), we knew there had to be a better way. That's when Harbor Creative Co. was born...

We are photographers & mamas, just like you. 

& from one mama to another, we want to help!

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Service Spotlight: Email Inbox Management with Harbor Creative Co.

We're co-founders of Harbor Creative Co., photographers, and Mamas of two littles each.  We share a love for coffee, yoga pants, and empowering women to run thriving portrait photography businesses without the overwhelm.

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Does your inbox overwhelm you? Are you constantly being distracted by notifications throughout the day? Do you sit and stare at your inbox because you don’t even know where to begin? Do you have a hard time leaving your inbox and accomplishing other tasks?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then know that you are not alone. 

Many people feel this way. But what if we told you that you could reduce the number of hours a week that you spend in your inbox while simultaneously providing a better client experience? Oh…and also reduce your stress level while you’re at it?

Email can be really personal and therefore really hard to outsource. And while it may sound just a little dramatic, it may be the one area of your business holding you back from growing. Hear me out, okay? 

  • If you had an extra hour (or two) a week to spend on your business what would you do with it? 
  • Would your bookings increase if inquiries were responded to more quickly and consistently? 
  • Could you improve your client experience by finally having time to send the “extra” emails to check in, say happy birthday or simply thank them for continuing to support your business? 
  • And most importantly, would email stop slipping through the cracks?

Chances are if you were able to do even one of these things, it would move your business forward, allow you to focus more on the things that bring you joy in your business (or life!), and less time behind a screen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Inbox Management

Where do I even begin? What does outsourcing look like?

This will vary for every client. To start, we will hop on a Zoom call and take a look at your email together. We will determine how much support you need, clean up your inbox so that we have a fresh start, and put together an action plan. 

How often do you check my email?

Twice a day- once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Any more than that is often unnecessary unless you are in the middle of a launch or busy season. If that’s the case, we adjust and check more frequently! 

What emails can you respond to for me?

This is up to you! Some clients still want to handle most of their more personal client communication and prefer that we really handle the basic, “easy” emails such as inquiries, follow-ups, and basic workflow-related emails. Others will have us filter emails daily, communicate on their behalf with clients, and essentially allow them to be hands-off unless their response is needed.

What is your response time?

It will vary depending on the type of email and your business practices. 

How do I know if you have responded to an email or if I should (I’m worried about missing emails.)?

Depending on the type of inbox structure we determine is best for you, this will start to become fairly obvious. Our general rule is that if an email is sitting in your main inbox it’s not been addressed. 

What if it’s a follow-up response that you need an answer from me on first, how does that work?

We will star any email that needs your attention and have it in a priority inbox. If it’s something time-sensitive we will alert you through our client communication app. 

What if you accidentally delete an email?

We have a never-delete policy. We will label, filter, or archive your emails but will never delete. 

Email inbox management is one of the easiest ways you can get off your phone and disconnect from work (while still providing your clients with the high-touch experience you want). If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us!

Email Inbox Management with Virtual Assistants, Harbor Creative Co.


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