Virtual Assistant Studio for the Busy Newborn + Family Photographer

charleston, SC

If you want to continue growing a photography business that allows you to do the work you love while providing an incredible experience to your clients? Something's gotta give...and it's not going to be your kids. 

As a mama & business owner, you have limited hours in the day.

The truth is, when you try to do it all you'll never reach your fullest potential. It's time to unclench your fists and allow your business to flourish  in newfound ways. Harbor Creative Co. has helped Motherhood and Newborn Photographers work less hours, provide a consistent client experience, make more money, spend more time with family, and experience peace-of-mind knowing their businesses are working for them and their families. 

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In the magic that happens when you realize you don't have to do it all.
That a good client experience begins with consistency. 
You didn't start a business to work all the time. You did it for freedom & flexibility.


You didn't become a photographer to answer emails all day.  We'll master your voice & take care of your clients through professional & prompt email communication. Say goodbye to inbox anxiety once and for all! 

Email Management

what we offer

Workflows are the key to an efficient and organized business. Together, we'll develop and manage your workflows so that every client has a consistent experience (even when the baby is crying). 

Workflow Management

Not sure what to post on Instagram or how to write blog posts that actually grow your business? With expertise in content creation, we'll make sure your content is consistently pulling its weight. 

Blogging & Social Media

If you feel like you can't stay on top of your to-do list, are falling behind when serving your clients, want to grow your business but don't have enough time in the day, or are spending hours on work that you'd rather spend with your family?  We can help.

Imagine running a business without being glued to your phone. Receiving raving testimonials without ever answering an email.
Having blog and social media posts going out consistently without ever having to put pen to paper. Pour the sweet tea, take a deep breath, a new season in business is just around the corner. 

"HCC has made my life so much easier and has helped me provide top level customer service to my clients. "

being a business owner & mom is the ultimate balancing act.

— Kristin

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It's time to put down the phone and stop going at it alone.